About Us

Hello friends..!!

Welcome to my website Swedenbongs.com.

First of all, Let me introduce myself.

Myself Upama I am a passionate blogger and writer but by profession I am a civil engineer, I had completed my engineering degree from Kolkata India.

In total I have more than 4 years of work experience as a civil design engineer, 3 years in Kolkata and 1.5 years in Sweden.

Friends about 2 years ago I have shifted shifted to Gothenburg Sweden with my husband has he got a job over here in an automotive company.

Friends when I came here or I did not have any job for first last five months, I struggled and try to learn Swedish Language by the way the language training is free of cost from the government.

I learned the language to a certain level, although I am still learning it but now I used to go in the evening classes as I got job after 5 months of struggle here in Gothenburg.

Friends now I’m working for more than a year as a civil design engineer, it is the same job profile I had before.

Purpose Of This Site

Purpose of this site is to help others through their Journey abroad maybe it’s in Sweden or in other European countries as most of the European countries have similarities in between them, especially the West European countries.

Friends me and my husband have gathered quite a ground-level information be it regarding Visa processing or be it tips and tricks regarding the job search process in Europe, especially in Sweden.

Friends there are endless  questions that might run in your head before you migrate to a new country so friends through the site we are about to help you in your journey to Sweden or in Europe.

Friends you might be thinking what you can you learn from this site or through us, I can tell you that I have this site Swedenbongs.com as well as a YouTube channel also called Swedenbongs through which I teach others how to search for a job in Europe, I show them my life here in Sweden, I compare cost of living and many more topics.

Check out my YouTube channel for more details.

Lastly as a disclaimer I would like to say that I’m not a migration expert what I discussed here in my site or in my YouTube channel are based on my personal experience so friends make your decisions based on your own research.

Best Regards