Stockholm Movie Review

Stockholm movie was made and released in 2018, which was based on the true story of a bank heist in Stockholm. In 1973, an infamous incident happened which dealt with a bank heist in Stockholm followed by the hostage crisis. Though the main incident of this movie is the bank robbery, still, there is a passion for the love shown in the picture. Here in this article, we will have a discussion on Stockholm Movie, the star cast, rewards, etc.


Stockholm Movie Story

There’s no such story present in the movie which keeps the viewers stay attracted till the end. A very basic storyline with a few incidents makes the movie interesting. The chemistry between Ethan Hawk (named as Lars Nystrom in the movie) and Noomi Rapace (named as Bianca Lind in the movie)steals the heart of the viewers.

Stockholm Movie Cast

● Ethan Hawk as Lars Nystrom

● Noomi Rapace as Bianca Lind

● Mark Strong in the role of Gunnar Sorensson (A friend of Lars who was in the prison)

● John Ralston as the detective Jacobsson

● Thorbjørn Harr as Christopher Lind

● Christopher Heyerdahl as Chief Mattsson

● Ian Mathews as the detective Vinter

● Shanti Roney as Olof Palme

Award-Winning Cast

★ Director, Producer and the Author: Robert Budreau (Who got nominated for the best-adapted screenplay and won the same on 31st March 2019 in Candian Screen Awards)

★ Peggy Kiriakidou won the best hair designer award at the same ceremony.

★ Other Participants for the nominations in the other categories of the same award ceremony are:

❏ Lee Walpole and Thomas Huhne for the category of “Best Sound Editing”

❏ Richard Comeau for “Best Editing”

❏ Lea Carlson for “Best Costume Design”

❏ Fredrik Nord for “Achievement in Visual Effects”

Canadian Society of Cinematographers Awards:

Brendan Steacy won the prize of Theatrical Feature Cinematography on 23rd March 2019.

The BoxOffice Collection

● The Gross Collection in the UnitedStates


● The Gross Collection in Canada


● Total Gross Collection in the World


Stockholm Movie Review

The movie has got a fair review of the above-average level in various review platforms. Rotten Tomatoes has given a rating of 68% rating based on 76 reviews with an average rating of 5.9 out of 10.

The Actual Story Based on Which the Movie Was Constructed

The Place: Kreditbanken, Central Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 28th August 1973

Incident: The robber Jan Erik Olsson breaks into the Kreditbanken, Central Stockholm in Sweden. There were two policemen who confronted Erik and tried to stop him. Olsson shot one of them while the other was tied with a chair.

Olsson managed to capture a few hostages and demanded the freedom of his friend Clarke Olofsson, who was in the prison at that time and an expert bank robber. Olsson also demanded three million Swedish Kronor, guns, bulletproof vests, helmets, and a supercar in order to escape from there with his friend Olofsson. Finally, Olofsson was brought into the place and they both stayed there for the next six days with all the hostages. A lot of events took place

during their stay at the Kreditbanken where even the hostages grew sympathy towards their captors.

They kept on demanding their items for the next few days to prime minister Olof Palme and they had a few phone calls with the prime minister during this course.

All the phone calls were recorded through which it was clearly observed that the hostages were feeling safe with their captors and had built a good rapport with them. They accepted that the captors had been treating them nicely and they have huge sympathy for them. Later this feeling was named the Stockholm Syndrome where even the hostages feel safe and start liking their captors. This unnatural feeling or the Stockholm Syndrom then became widely spread across the world when finally this Stockholm movie was released.

The Overall Performance of the Stockholm Movie

In the movie, Ethan Hawk played the role of Olsson and was named Lars Nystrom in the movie. While the character of Olofsson was played by Mark Strong, who was named as Gunnar Sorensson in the movie. Bianca Lind played the role of one of the hostages who grew up bonding with the character Olsson. Altogether, a thriller cum entertainer movie packed with emotional touches, a good package to watch. The screenplay, background music is of great quality where the actors did a great job in front of the camera. The cinematography, visual effects, costume designing all sores good marks. As mentioned earlier, even the box office collection is also above average. Altogether, the movie did well in the world of cinema. Had the Stockholm Movie Story a better one, it would have been much more successful. A lack of pace in the movie was observed by the critics where sometimes the movie lost it’s crisp. But it is surely, a one-time watch movie.

Watch the movie on a Sunday afternoon and let us know how you felt about it and share the review in the comment section whether you like it. Also, feel free to give a rating out of 10.