Swedish King’s Visit in India December 2019

The Swedish King Carl xvi Gustaf visits India on 2nd December with Queen Silvia and the royal delegates to discuss business, and enhance the bilateral trading relationship with India. Currently, if we last year’s bilateral trade between India and Sweden, it’s quite impressive, around 3.37 billion!  

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia Image
King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia Image credit jammulinksnews

Importance of the Swedish king

Unlike other countries, Swedish King has more governmental power and major authorities to take charge of things. According to the Swedish constitutional act in 1974, Riksdag (Swedish parliament) the Swedish king is regarded as the first citizen of the country, above the prime minister. He holds much strength and high authority, the decision-maker and the head of the country. Knowing the position of the Swedish king, we can assume how important is his visit to India and how impactful it can be for both the countries.

Why the Swedish King Visited India?

As per the sources, the king and queen came to Indian on 2nd December, for a five-day India tour for the betterment and enhancements in the relationship between these two countries. This is the third time that the Swedish king has arrived in this country to strengthen the bilateral business movements through the India Sweden Agreement.

Welcoming Sessions and the Swedish Delegation

As per the reports, the King and Queen have been welcomed in by the royal arrangements along with the Swedish Delegation at Delhi, the capital city of India. The King met the External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and was saluted by a guard of honor at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia went to the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, where they laid the wreath.

Then the couple received a warm welcome by President Ramnath Kovind. The prime minister Narendra Modi welcomed the King and Queen to India and had long discussions with the elegant personalities about the current situation of India, Sweden, and other countries in the world.

The discussion went through as the Kashmir issue broke into the matter. PM Modi managed to hold his ground answering the question straightforwardly as he stated, the issue is unresolved still due to Pakistan’s interference. And there were no further amendments required.

The Three Major Topics of Discussion

The Waste Recycling Act

We all are well acquainted with the pollution issue that has been taking place every year within the Northern regions in India. Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and many parts of Uttar Pradesh are the states most affected by this extreme pollution.

The Cause of Pollution

Most of the states of Northern India are covered with the farmlands where the farmers grow paddy and other crops. During the October-November seasons every year, the farmers burn the stubbles (the waste or unused part of the paddy tree). This incident across entire North India

causes a huge amount of pollution due to which a polluted fog gets created which even affects Delhi. Even the other states of India are facing issues with this pollution, as it’s affecting the climate of the entire country. The gassy environment is the cause of the destruction of many forests, wild animals, and aquatic animals bringing natural imbalance around the world with its ill-effects. The world has had criticized India on this account. But, there hasn’t been any solutions found for this dangerous life-threatening issue. Luckily, the proposal came from Sweden.

What is The Proposal?

The King declares that Sweden wants to spread out their helping hands to India, and take the responsibility of recycling those unused stubbles instead of burning them on the fields.

The Aim of The Project

The aim of this project is to reuse the stubble and manufacture fuel out of it. This will be a long term project which might take around five years to take place successfully. The Swedish Vinnova company is ready to invest 2.5 million SEK and providing assurance that they will turn this project into a profitable one too within two years. The estimated revenue per project from this plan is around 1.5 Crore Rupees where they are ready to give a 50 percent profit to the farmers.

This is clearly going to be a great success not only from the pollution control point of view but also for profitability reasons.

Also, there will be around 20 projects to be held by the Indo Swedish joint network in the field of computer science and material science which will also turn out to be something special and interesting.

The Gripen Purchase

Indian Army has recently declared that they need the 114 multi-role combat planes for the security issues, which will cost around 15$ billion. This turns out to be a great scope to many other countries that sell the fighter planes. Currently, India has F-16 fighter planes which the army wants to upgrade due to security reasons. Some of the organizations have already quoted for the same. Such as

· Rafael by France

· F-21 extended version of F-16

· Gripen Fighter Planes by Sweden

· F/A-18 Super Hornet

The king Carl Gustav has pitched for the Gripen fighter planes which are manufactured by the Swedish company Saab. He stated that the plane is very powerful and will be able to meet all the requirements of the Indian Air Force. It will be a profitable deal for India, as it is cheaper than its competitors and has more advanced functionalities.

Polar Science Co-Operation

There has been a memorandum signed by Sweden and India which is related to the scientific research across the polar regions of the world. Both the poles, the North and the South will be under expeditions and explorations where the bilateral projects will take place. The MOUPSC or

Memorandum of Understanding of Polar Science Co-Operation has been signed between the two countries to take this project into action.

What Benefits Will Come Through This Research Project?

The Indian research centers, observatories, and the Department of Earth Science will take this project forward in association with the Swedish Technical and Scientific Research Centers. Now, we all know how good Sweden is in terms of education, technology, science, and innovation. So, the bilateral project movements along with such an advanced country will definitely bring a lot of future possibilities and opportunities, we can assume that.

During the trip, the couple will also visit many famous places of India such as Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Ramjhula bridge, bathing Ghat in Rishikesh, inaugurate the sewage treatment plant in Haridwar, attend the seminar on Tackling Emissions and Air Pollution at the India Habitat Center. They are also expected to visit Mumbai and meet the Maharashtra Governor BS Koshyari.

Finally, on Friday they will be leaving for Their palace in Stockholm.