Is it worth paying taxes in Sweden? Salary in Sweden

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Tax paying in Sweden, is it worth paying taxes in Sweden.

So coming back to today’s topic friend this is the second part of my salary in Sweden series, before this I have already made one video discussing about the level of salaries in Sweden and I have also shared one payslip of my friend to give you a feel how salary slip looks like in Sweden. In this article friends I will discuss the tax and tax-related benefits that we are enjoying in Sweden.

Tax levels in Sweden

To begin with friends in Sweden we pay around 28 to 32% tax depending on which city or place you are living in. you might feel that these tax levels are quite high but let me tell you that in Return of the tax payment we get a lot of benefits I will discuss one by one with you.

Subsidized Health Care in Sweden

First of all the subsidized Health Care, friends in Sweden if you are detected with some critical illness you don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket everything will be taken care by the government or Swedish Social Security insurance, Friends the government is able to spend money from the taxes people pay, Friends in some other countries like USA people purchase these type of health insurance policies which costs a lot ..but in Sweden, we do not bother to purchase any such insurance As social security agencies take care of everything.

Income during sick days in Sweden

Next is the income during the sick days, Friends in Sweden if we are sick we get 80% of salaries from the Swedish social insurance agencies. Friends, the government can spend this type of money on us as we pay a lot of tax and in return, they create such welfare schemes which are beneficial for everyone.

Free or subsidized education in Sweden

friends in Sweden if you are undergoing some training or some course or if you are studying in University or School everything is subsidized.. for example, friends I am studying the Swedish language in evening course which is completely free of cost and government can afford These expenses out of the tax money people pay.

Generous parental leave in Sweden

Generous parental leave friends Sweden is well known for its generous parental policy, In total for each child parents, enjoy 480 days of paid parental leave enjoy up to 80% of the salary which comes from Swedish Social Security Agency again this type of policy government can make out of the taxes which people pay.

Pension fund from Government in Sweden

Next is the pension fund provided by the government, friends every person who pays tax in Sweden is entitled who have shared in pension fund so after retirement people can get Its share of money from that fund,  again everything is possible due to higher tax payment from the people in Sweden.


 So to conclude friends in Sweden people enjoy paying high taxes and in return, they enjoy getting better benefits and Welfare schemes so what do you think friends let me know in the comment box?

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