Why we moved to Sweden rather than in Canada

Hello friends, how are you doing? Welcome back to my website friends, recently I am receiving a lot of your comments and questions regarding why we move to Sweden rather than moving to Canada. Friends today I will answer all your questions and I will make it short analysis based on our perspective on why we moved to Sweden then moving to Canada So Stay Tuned friends.

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Migration with a job in hand

First of all, friends we do not want to move anywhere without having a job. And it’s difficult to get a job from India in Canada rather than in Europe. Most of my friends got jobs in Germany, Poland, Ireland, etc. sitting in India. On the other hand, Most people move to Canada before having a job and they search for jobs while living in Canada, which sometimes is very difficult to cope up with other expenses without any job. I know many people who went to Canada with a PR but came back to India after a few months because they did not find any suitable job and also there were many other issues such as odd jobs and accommodation.

Friends most of the people who move to Canada find it very difficult with the weather as well. So all together they get demotivated and come back to India after a few months. Friends I don’t say that everyone who moves to Canada comes back but there are some chances, and Friends Personally we don’t want to take that risk when we had a decent job in India and there were no problem friends. On the other hand, moving to Sweden is very easy. The whole process is so easy that we feel like moving to a different state inside India. Please go through my other videos where we have mentioned our journey from India to Sweden in detail.

IELTS requirement for Canada express entry

Friends the next reason why we did not move to Canada was due to the very detailed Visa process. There were a lot of steps including IELTS. We did not want to go in such a detailed process without any assurity.

Regarding IELTS It is not so difficult. I have already cracked IELTS academic before when I was thinking of studying abroad But overall we did not like the detailed Visa process for Canada without any job in hand.

The high cost of living in Canada

The next point is about expenses friends. We have a lot of relatives in Canada and I know Canada is a little bit expensive, especially the accommodation and car insurance so we Talk about this point before taking our move towards Sweden.

Friends the next point is about the living standards in Nordic countries. The living standard is very high the work-life balance is good and after coming to Sweden I really felt that so this is one more point that motivated us to move towards Sweden rather than in Canada.

Generous parental leave in Sweden

 The next topic that motivated us to move to Sweden is the generous parental leave policy. friends in Sweden when a couple becomes parents they are entitled to 480 days of paid holiday from the government and these days are shared between the parents. During parental leave, up to 80% of their salary Is provided by the Swedish Social Security Agency.

 I will put a link where you can go check the parental leave policy.

Apart from that friends, in Sweden, we enjoy a lot of benefits like free healthcare free language training from the government Etc. One more point people have to pay a lot of fees during their University education in Canada  whereas in Sweden that University education is also free of cost.

Very good work-life balance in Sweden

Friends in Sweden The work environment is constantly monitored by the Union so I can say in Sweden the job security is much more compared to Canada.

Friends, when we were thinking of moving to a new country we were also thinking about our parents who live in India and day by day they will become old and need some help from our end So the benefit of living in Sweden, is that we can get a lot of holidays for family reasons and also the distance between Sweden and India is not so much and the flight costs are also less This is one of the points why we decided to move in Sweden rather than in Canada.

 That’s all friends these where my analysis points friends let me know in the comment box what do you think, maybe Canada is a better place for you maybe not let me know in the comment box what are your opinions.

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