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Trains are a vital part of every country. Whether it be traveling to another place or shifting to different states, trains are one of the cheapest and comfortable journeys. Talking about trains, we have one of the most beautiful railway stations that is Stockholm Central Station of Sweden.

Railway station with two trains standing
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Here you will know about all the nearby hotels, and how you can travel to different places. Also, you will get complete details about the Stockholm Central Station.

Stockholm Central Station

Stockholm Central Station is one of the most popular stations in Stockholm, Sweden. It was established on 18 July 1871 offering services to 200,000 visitors on a daily basis.

Adolf W. Edelsvard was the architect who was authorized to build the station. According to the survey of 2005, it was one of the busiest stations. If you are someone who is new to the place then Stockholm Central Station can be the best place to get to your destination. The central station in Stockholm is actually considered one of the best ways to reach the destination.

Hotels Near Stockholm Central Station

Hotels are one of the vital parts which need to be considered. The passengers can actually get great comfort if they have a hotel near the stations. Hence here are some of the hotels along with the price which is present near the station.

Generator Stockholm 267 SEK

Comfort Hotel Express Stockholm Central 681 SEK

Crafoord’s Place 217 SEK

Freys Hotel 754 SEK

City Lodge Stockholm 442 SEK

The name of the hotels that are listed above is just some few from the list of many. The hotels mentioned above are actually very close to the station and holds a great rating and reviews by the customers. Mostly, the hotels are within walking distance from the station. You can also take the local taxi in order to reach the hotel. Hence, these hotels can actually be a great place for accommodation near the station.

Station to Arlanda Airport

Arlanda airport is one of the most popular airports in Stockholm. Being, an international airport, it facilitates a great amount of local and international customers. Hence, you need to know whether the transport service is flexible from the central station or not. Here is the medium along with the time and an estimated fare for traveling to the airport.

Bus 40 minutes 40-70 SEK

Train 20 minutes 26-160 SEK

Taxi 32 minutes 530-680 SEK

Uber 32 minutes 521-676 SEK

The above price is just an estimated amount which an individual has to pay. The prices may be changed looking over the situation or circumstances of the locality.

Lockers in Central Station

How great it can be if you get a locker to keep your luggage for a certain period of time. Well, this is actually possible in Stockholm Central Station. You can either pay through cash or through the card in order to get a locker.

Mostly, you have to pay 50SEK to 70SEK in order to keep your medium size luggage for 4hours to 24hours. The rates can be a bit different depending on the size and the time for which you are keeping your luggage.

Stockholm central station restaurants

Having a perfect place to enjoy your snacks and coffee can actually turn any place into a great place. Seems like the central station has all the facilities, hence, being the reason for one of the most famous stations in Sweden. Below are the names of the top-rated restaurants where you can actually enjoy a portion of great food

· .Wayne’s Coffee Centralen

· Perini

· Subway

· Gateau

· Weidao Stockholm

· Griffin Steakhouse

· Stockholm Fisk

The above listed are some of the most popular restaurants having a great rating on the internet.

Stockholm Central Stations to other places

Gamla Stan which was established on 24 November 1957 has various mediums to reach from the central station. One can either take a line 3 bus, taxi or can also reach in 15 minutes by walking.

Gothenburg is the 2nd largest city in Sweden. Being the capital of Vastra Gotaland Country, this place holds a great number of visitors. You can either take a bus, train, or even a taxi to reach Gothenburg. Various flights are also available for passengers to reach the destination.

Värtahamnen is a port situated in Stockholm, Sweden. It mostly serves passengers or goods to travel from one place to another through the medium of ships. You can reach the place by taxi, uber, or by line 13 subway.

Stockholm Central Station Metro The metros of Stockholm are handled by T-Centralen. T-Centralen and the central station are connected through the underground passage. Earlier it was named as Centralen (central) but on 27 January 1958, its name was changed.


Trains are one of the major transport media in most of the countries. Therefore, having a proper idea regarding the trains and stations of the place can actually help you to have a basic idea regarding your transport.

Also, make sure that you have looked over the various medium to travel from one place to another. If you are someone who is actually looking forward to spending less on transport then the central station can actually be the best place for you since the fare is mostly low compared to that of bus and taxi.

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