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European countries have been a great place for students to build their careers. Whether it be the fees or the quality of education, European countries have been providing a good facility to the students. Generally, Sweden is one of the European countries which is widely popular for the quality of education. Universities like Uppsala University are the reason for Sweden being a great place for students.

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You must be wondering how Uppsala University is considered as one of the best colleges in Sweden and what is the ranking that the university holds. Well, here you will have all the necessary details regarding the university and why it can be a great place to build your career.

Why Uppsala University?

If you do not want to miss out on the beauty of Sweden, then you can actually choose Uppsala University. Not just a great variety of subjects and the best education, but it also allows you to explore the beauty of the country in a much easier manner. Whether it be exploring other cities, or getting to some other place far from the city, you can easily get to your destination either by bus, trains, or bikes.

Whether it be the city center or the place where you stay, you can get there by walking for a couple of minutes. Uppsala University in Sweden is basically at such a place from where you can travel to any place in a lesser amount of time.

One of the interesting facts is that the Uppsala University of Sweden is the first university in the country. Whether it be the student union or the university thinking about their students, you will always get the best.

Ranking of Uppsala University

One of the most important factors is the Uppsala University ranking and the facility offered by the university to the students. In the top 100 universities of the world, the rank of Uppsala University is 87th. Now, this is something that is really appreciating and a great reason for students to choose the university. While for the QS ranking of 2020, the university holds the 117th position. The Shanghai Ranking of 2003 offers 62nd position to the university.

Also, the fees of the university offered to the students is really low. The students can complete their graduation, post-graduation, or doctorate at a decent fee. Also, you will get a great variety of options to choose your desired course. Whether it be the Uppsala University library or the canteen, they have always given the best to the students. Click Here to find out the complete details for your desired course.

Acceptance Rate of Local and International Students

The university is witnessing a great number of students who are willing to be a part of Uppsala. Therefore, you will see a great number of students applying to the university. Basically, the university is open to both local and international students.

Therefore, you will have great exposure to all the students. Now all you need is to apply for a course. The best part is you will have a chance of 70% to 80% of getting the admission. The 80% is something that actually signifies that almost every single student gets the opportunity to be a part of the Uppsala family.


Basically, Uppsala University is one of the most prestigious universities in Sweden. Being a part of the university is actually going to help you in a great aspect and bring a great variety of opportunities. Whether you look over the ranking or the fee structure, you see the best. Also, the education quality is one of the best. Click here to submit your application and then you need to deliver the scholarship application. Now sit and wait for your application to get approved.

You can click here to visit the official site of the university. Also, make sure to have the necessary documents before applying to the university.

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