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When we talk about the European Continent, then the vital part that excites us is education. We all know how education plays a vital role in our life and European countries have been the best in this portion. Sweden has been one of the most beautiful and prestigious countries and Lund University is one of the factors that makes Sweden more prestigious.

Where is Lund University?

Lund University comes under the top 100 universities in the world. It is situated in the city of Lund, Sweden. The education offered to the students is actually great. Lund University, Sweden has offered great exposure to the students. Also, this university has offered some of the great human beings to society.

Lund University Ranking and Fees

The university has been able to achieve a great reputation in the world. Basically, a high number of students prefer this university in order to build their careers. Also, being under the list of top 100 universities, the degree earned from this university holds a great value.

Basically, you will get a great variety of options to choose your desired field. Hence, you can find the fee details checking over the course you want to opt for. Click Here to find more about the fees of the university.

Housing and Food for international students

Having to place to stay in one of the vital parts when you visit a different place to deal with your studies. Though the university does not offer rooms for students to stay, the university can actually help you in dealing with it. To some extent, the university also provides guarantee housing to some international students. However, you have to apply for the LU Accommodation even if you get a guaranteed housing.

It is also recommended that you look over other agencies to find a place to stay. Since the university does not offer rooms or any room accommodations to students. Click Here to get the full details for hosing and to apply for LU Accommodation.

Courses offered by Lund University

Once you have completed your higher studies, you can choose Lund University either for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and either for a Doctoral degree. Lund University offers a great variety of options to pick your desired course. Click Here to find about the courses offered by Lund University, Sweden.

Important Facts

Founded On 1666

Lund University address Lund, Sweden

Revenue SEK 8.5 Billion

Number of Students (2018) 40,000

Degree Awarded for Bachelor’s (2018) 3,300

Degree Awarded for Master’s (2018) 4,100

Degree Awarded for Doctoral (2018) 400

Rank in the QS Ranking 2020 92nd

Rank in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020 96th

Number of Academic Staff (2018) 4200

Number of Administrative Staff (2018) 2600


The university has been able to offer a great variety of courses to the students that too at an affordable price. Whether we talk about ranking or education, we find it the best. Sweden is a great place for building your career and Lund University can be the place for you. Also, you will find the name of the university on every website if you look for the top 100 universities.

While talking about the acceptance rate; it is really high due to a great variety of courses, just make sure that you have all the necessary documents. Also, the housing accommodations that you can get through LU Accommodation or other housing agencies are the best way to get your perfect place that too within your budget. Whether it be food, education, library or technology, you will find the best.

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