How Christmas market in Gothenburg looks like

Hello, friends welcome to my Website SwedenBongsToday I will take you along with me to visit a Christmas Market in Gothenburg, Hope you like it so friends without wasting any time come with me.

How christmas market look like
Photo by Jorge Fern├índez Salas on Unsplash

 Friends Before entering the Christmas Market we’re just passing by the Haga church in Swedish it is called Haga kyrkan. This Massive Church stands just beside the main street of Haga. Friends, usually I pass by the church every day while going to the office friends just see this piece of art it’s very beautiful from inside as well ..but today we will not go inside we will go directly to the Christmas Market so just enjoy The View.

Friends, then I will cross the street and enter the Christmas Market it’s beautifully decorated and the markets start from this end of the street and continue till Jarntorget.

Friends enjoy the market,  just keep an eye on the right-hand side of the street you will find many local sweets and cakes baked by the local people. The yellowcake you see on the screen is called Lucia saffron bun, It is a traditional Swedish food. The sweet just next to that is called kanelbullar or cinnamon buns.

On both sides of the street you will find freshly baked bread, buns and Coffee All served by the local people. You say friends in the street everyone is very happy they’re enjoying the moment and they’re all so happy because the long holidays are just around the corner.

Friends during the Christmas and New Year in total most of the people will have two weeks of holidays or even more so they’re preparing for days to come some of the people will go abroad in warmer countries than Sweden maybe Thailand or Spain.

Friends on this street apart from Christmas Market there are also some established shops. But friends today most of the people came to visit the Christmas Market.

As we move on we see many Christmas decor Many Woolen clothes Etc Friends on the normal day this whole street is a shopping street in Gothenburg but now it has turned into a Christmas Market.

Friends, then we continue on the street And see what we have come across it’s two healthy horses, these horses are a little bit different than we find in India these are a little bit Hairy and with fat legs.

After crossing the horses we come across a busy place with many food stalls and gift shops these are some handicraft shops with Swedish things.

With this we’re coming to the End of the Street that means we’re coming to the end of the Christmas Market soon we will reach Jarntorget from where I will take a tram to my home. friends hope you enjoy this video and you got some idea how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden. Thanks a lot for reading and please subscribe to my youtube channel before leaving thanks bye.

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