Stockholm Airport Arlanda

Sweden has been a wonderful place considered as the place of heaven. The beauty of this country has always been so mesmerizing and people love to visit this place. Hence, in order to visit or leave the country, one of the popular airports preferred by almost every individual is Stockholm Airport.

Photo by Ken Yam on Unsplash

Stockholm Airport Arlanda is one of the most popular airports in Sweden. It is situated in the Sigtuna Municipality which is around 40 kilometers north of Stockholm. Apart from Stockholm Airport Arlanda, you can also use the Bromma Airport, Vasteras Airport, and Skavsta Aiport.

Being one of the most popular airports, you can find various mediums to explore the place. Hence, below is the medium through which you can travel from.

Traveling through Stockholm airport train

Trains are one of the most popular ways which are used by a maximum number of people. Basically, it is easy and more convenient, hence, being the most preferable option for the people.

You can use the express train (Arlanda Express) which departs every 15 minutes during the daytime and every 30 minutes during the night. The train will take a period of 20-25 minutes in order to reach your destination.

You can also utilize the commuter train. Basically, you can get the tickets at the airport (at a decent price) and it departs at every 30 minutes. It will take a period of 30-40 minutes to reach your destination.

Traveling through bus

Getting to your destination by bus can be another option for you. You can buy the tickets online of Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, which can take you to your destination within a period of 40-50 minutes. The bus is departed every 30 minutes, hence making it easily available for the passengers.

You can also look for Flixbus, but it available for 2-3 times a day.

Traveling through taxi

Taxi is easily available and can take you to your destination in high comfort. The fair is mostly offered by the taxi drivers and these are mostly a decent price. Still, you can compare with various taxi drivers and find out the best price.

Stockholm Airport Hotel

Hotels are another important element that needs to be taken care of after you land to the place. There is a good number of hotels available at a decent price along with great services.


Sweden is a great place to enjoy your holidays and to create some memorable moments. Hence, make sure that you are aware of all the rules and regulations of the country. I believe that the above content can help you to a great extent in order to have a great experience.

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