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One of the world’s most fascinating islands is Saint Lucia or ST LUCIA. However you call it, the beauty of the Caribbean islands never changes. A truly deserving country, a separate nation that gets one of the world’s largest amount of foreign tourists during the festive seasons and the vacations. Swedish people get enchanted by visiting this wonderful nation quite often. They come here to spend their ling holidays as they are attracted to its beauty, the local Saint Lucian People, the lovely cozy stay at the guest cottages, and the wonderful atmosphere to enjoy over the weekends. And when I say weekend, it means most of the days here seemed to be the weekends as you find all the weekend delicacies here scattered around. Many people in the world still are unaware of ST LUCIA or they still are not sure of where is Saint Lucia. But if you are a nature, adventure and party lover, head towards this island nation to know more about its wonderful stories.

The Land Measurement

It’s not a very big country, just and island in the Caribbean which is covered with the countless blue water of the Caribbean sea. The Soufriere, Sugar Beaches, Gros Piton, Gros Islet- altogether consists of the land of 606 Square kilometers whereas there is a water portion of 10 square kilometers making it a total of 616 Square kilometers area of this most surprisingly beautiful island.

The People, Currency, and the Lifestyle of ST LUCIA

You know how the Caribbean people are. They are not any different here in Saint Lucia. The local people are much fun-loving and love to spend their time in sports, Caribbean music, food, fun, and entertainment. They are very simple in nature and are emotional too. If you are a tourist, don’t be afraid at all if you are lost. You won’t get cheated by anyone here at Lucia. They will drive you back to your homestay.

They are not very highly ambitious people who love to spend their lives in simplicity. You won’t feel like a stranger here and soon get mixed with the local culture. This place is one of the origins of Hip Hop music. So you can understand their lifestyle well. There are street dancers, disc jockeys, rappers, emcees, volleyball and soccer players all around along with the finest continental dishes at the beach cities.

● Total Population

As per the last population survey in the year 2017, the country has a population of 178, 015.

● The Currency

They use East Caribbean Dollar or XCD in Saint Lucia and tourism is one of their main income sources.

● The Capital of ST LUCIA

Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia which has a population of 4173 and consists of around 79 square kilometers.

Things to Do in Saint Lucia

The island is full of beauties all around. So there are many places to wander around and spend your time. But still, here we will talk about some of them out of many which you might like too.

● The Rock Climbing at the Gros Pitons

The volcanic mountains will call the backpackers to come for rock climbing activity. From the comfort of your luxury home, you will feel to drive your way towards these volcanic rocks where spending the time in hiking is a true blessing. You can also try out the local Piton beer yo get the actual feeling of this place. Fix your tent on a nice place above the ground level and spend the night under the open wide open sky and the jungle adventure with a Piton beer and tropical music. It’s such an adventurous feeling beyond your imaginations.

● The Pigeon Islands

A place suitable for hiking, and a place not to miss. There are ancient French Forts to observe with the vast land of around 40 acres which is now a national park. From there you can observe the entire coastline of Saint Lucia, a fascinating view from the beautiful wilderness.

● Hiking at the Rainforest

The enormous rainforest is one of the most adventurous places in Saint Lucia. If you are an adventure lover, you cannot resist yourself from the wild rainforests of Lucia. There are chances to find some real wild animals. Guest cottages are available inside the forest and guides are available too for the tourists who are fond of jungle safari.

● Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Rafting

Scuba Diving at the sand beaches of Saint Lucia is one of the most fascinating outdoor activities when you are at Saint Lucia. You won’t feel to miss it at any cost.

Just plunge into the deep blue sea from the rocks wearing a swimsuit covering all your body, to search for the oysters. If you practice for a while, you will definitely become a good diver and able to find so many of them.

There are boats to rent out at the beaches. Take one of them and go out for wild kayaking( of course, take the guide along with you). The crystal clear water and the ancient rocky mountains will surely give pleasure to the eyes.

● Spectacular Night Parties

Saint Lucia gets decorated more beautifully in the evenings where the places start turning towards the party hubs. A dream world for the party lovers and for those who want to relax after a tiresome dullness of the work cycle. Discotheques, night clubs, fine dining restaurants, pubs, all are readily available for the party lovers. You just need to get there. You will find entertainment all around.

The Saint Lucia Carnival

15th and 16th July of each year, the Saint Lucians celebrate Saint Lucia Carnival which is world-famous. People from various parts of the world come here to be a part of this carnival. The carnival takes place in the summer season when the place is mostly populated with the foreigners who come here to spend their summer vacations in a grand way. All the activities can be seen from the streets and the performers perform various kinds of stunners, demonstrate their talent, and dance events on the street itself. A fun event to be a part for sure.

So, if you want to find out where is Saint Lucia exactly, then search for it today and plan for the next vacations to enjoy one of the best holiday spots in the world.

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