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Leading an urban life and not able to drive a car is not something great. Earlier there was a time when car driving was a fashion, but it is not the same now. Now it’s become almost a mandatory skill for every urban citizen. It’s kind of a necessary art in today’s fast-moving civilization to master upon. You never know when an emergency comes such as health emergencies, or a daily office commute, you need to be prepared with a car driving at any cost.

Nothing overstated, but it is a fact and a real-world demand. If you are a Swedish, or somehow residing in Sweden due to professional or personal reasons and you want to get a car driving license, you can check the following write-up which will guide you get what you are looking for.

Step by step and easy guide to Swedish Driving License

Guide to Swedish driving license

What Happens If You Already Have a Driving License of Some Other Country?

The countries in this category

If you have driving license from one of these countries in the list, then you don’t need to give a driving test once again. You just need to show that license at the Swedish Transport Agency and get a fresh Swedish Driving License by paying some charges. Apart from the listed countries if you have Driving license from Japan you can also transfer that license without any test.

List of EEA countries

The EEA Countries don’t require a separate driving license, those are valid in Sweden. There are countries falling within the European Economic Area, don’t require a separate driving license to drive any vehicle in Sweden.

Procedure to exchange swedish Driving License

How to Change Your Driving License

The steps to follow while changing the driving license:

Fill application form at The Swedish Transport Agency Transportstyrelsen

Once you visit the website, you will find an application form, which you need to fill-up. Thereon, you will see a link to download the form.

This is the download link Ansök om Utbyte av utländskt körkort

● Pay 600 SEK to The Swedish Transport Agency

As you download the form, you will also need to pay 600 SEK to the same agencies.

● Interview at the Swedish Transportation Agency

If your applications get selected, in the next step you need to visit the transportation agency. There you need to submit your recent photograph, a valid photo-id proof, and 150 SEK.

● Handing Over the Old Driving License

It’s not only about the social proof, and charges. Apart from that, you need to hand-over the old driving license to the officials.

● Receive the Licence at Your Convenience

When all the formalities are done successfully, all you have to do is, just wait in your house and get it delivered within a few days.

★ Here, one more thing to notice that, the transport agency will take care of delivering the previous driving license back to the place from where it was issued earlier.

What to Do if, We Are Applying for a Driving License for the First Time?

People who don’t know driving, and want to learn as well as get the driving license for the same, can follow the procedure below.

Step1: You need to take admission in a driving school.

Step2: Under the school’s guidance give the eye test and apply for learner driving license

Step3: Start reading the theory book and start the practical lessons.

Step:4 Then driving school will guide you to take Risk 1 and Risk 2 trainings.

Step5: Prepare to take theory exam (teoriprov)

Step6: Once you clear the theory exam attend the Driving test, clear it, and get the driving license.

Let’s elaborate on each step in detail and help you find it easy to achieve a valid driving license(which is valid of course in Sweden, as well as in other EEA countries).

Meanwhile, keep a few links handy which might help you during the process.

Important links

1. The Official Driving Licence Portal Körkortsportalen

2. The Swedish Transport Agency Transportstyrelsen

3. The Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket

Step1: Admission in a Driving School

It is the best way to learn driving, as they are the professionals in that field, and they know the loopholes and also how to crack the driving license test. You can learn by yourself, but when you learn through a driving school, you will get lots of benefits. Anyways, at the final test day, you need to contact any of your nearest driving school and get the vehicle having two-way control, as you need to appear at the test using the same.

Step2: Apply For Learner License

Under the driving school’s guidance initially eye test to be done then then application for learner license to be done. The learner is valid for 5 years so no worries. Without the learner license you cannot start taking practical lessons with the school. Apply learner license here: learner driving license

Step3: Learn Theoretical Lessons and start practical driving session with the school

Not only the practical driving but the theory is also very important, where they will teach you all the traffic rules and regulations. You will learn how to apply the rules while driving, the signals and how to follow each signal carefully. One cannot expect to clear the theoretical exam unless you are thorough with the theory, traffic rules and regulations. Then also start taking the practical driving lessons.

Step:4 Then driving school will guide you to take Risk 1 and Risk 2 trainings.

Risk 1 (Riskutbildning del 1) and Risk 2 (Riskutbildning del 2 – Halkkörning) are the the two mandatory trainings to be taken before appearing in final theory and driving test. These two trainings will make you aware of different risks that can occur during driving. A short description about the risk trainings:

Risk 1 (Riskutbildning del 1) : This is a 3 hours long class room training where students will learn risks of fatigue, alcohol consumption during driving and other behavior related problems that can affect driving.

Risk 2 (Riskutbildning del 2 – Halkkörning) : This is a practical training often called halkkörning, here the participants have to drive in on different slippery road conditions to feel the risks of driving in different seasons and driving in different terrains.

Step5: Prepare to take theory exam (teoriprov) : Read the driving license book and the hand book very well that will make your concepts clear and you can easily clear the theory test. Once you are ready you can take dummy tests to test yourself. Buy books from here and buy dummy test from here. A total of 70 questions will be there in the theoretical part, out of which you must correctly answer at least 52 questions to be eligible for a driving license.

Step6: Once you clear the theory exam attend the Driving test, clear it, and get the driving license. You can book the tests here.

Approximate cost to get a driving license in Sweden.

My husband got driving license in end of 2018 so based of our experience I list down the cost breakup: Cost of books: 450 Kr, cost of practical lessons in school around 10,000 Kr, Risk 1 training around 650 Kr, Risk 2 training around 2100 Kr, Cost of test around 1500Kr

Total around = 14,700 Kr

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