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The 10 Most Enchanting Places to Explore in Sweden

Sweden, the country in Europe is widely appreciated across the world for its pleasant phenomenal beauty scattered throughout the country. Plenty of astonishment has been attracted the tourists across the world to this fascinating tourist spots and wilderness among the variety of glorious outdoorsy.

The Swedish Krona

As you travel around the amazing places in Sweden, you, of course, will need the Swedish Krona. Surprised? Well, it is the Swedish currency. Sweden’s money is known as Krona SEK. If you visit Sweden as a foreign tourist, you will need to first convert your currency to the money in Sweden, which is the Krona SEK or Kronor(the plural form of Krona).

When to Visit Sweden to Experience the Best?

Sweden is always crowded with travel buffs around the world while leaving no space to explore this beautiful country. But, it is also true that if you are a foreigner and to come to Sweden to go for expeditions, then winter is not the perfect season. Why so? Because, the winter is full of snow, and some of the areas are completely covered with ice chunks, and it will be almost near to impossible to travel through those places during the winter. So, it is better to avoid Sweden in December, being December the time when most of the areas are covered with snow. 

Summer is absolutely perfect to travel and wander around the spectacular tourist spots, where you can explore so many things which you will not find anywhere else across the world. Let us check out some of those sensational bounds that attract millions of backpackers to spend their vacations.

The Stockholm Archipelago

Being the largest archipelago in entire Sweden, and the second-largest in the Baltic Sea, The Stockholm Archipelago offers exceptional beauty with picturesque scenery that can only be portrayed through an artistic mind. A divers dream and the explorer’s fantasy- this place is covered with greenery and the coastal area full of coral reefs, aquatic animals, flora, and fauna make it one of the most beautiful landscapes in Sweden.

The Lapland

This is the place known as the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. The areas included in Lapland are the parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland, the Scandinavian countries, where people enjoy a continuous Sun for six months where the night stays for the rest of the year continuously. You can observe the heavy snow during the winter, where the only transport is the reindeer carts. A must-visit place to explore the phenomenon of Aurora borealis.

The Raukars of Gotland

The spectacular column-like standalone sandstone rock formations which are the live examples of wave erosion bring a huge number of tourists across the world. A photographers dream, the Mecca of the archeologists and History analysts, these limestone rocks are stunningly amazing in their individual appearance. They look extremely beautiful, in spite of being the dry rocks, get a huge appreciation from the explorers for its beauty. The extreme beauty of Sweden can mostly be seen in Faro Island in Sweden.

You can reach Gotland through Stockholm very easily, as the distance is only 205 Kilometers. The air and ferry transportation options are available where it takes 30 minutes to reach Gotland by air, and three hours by ferry from the cruise port of Stockholm, Nynasamn port.  From Stockholm to the airport, it takes around 45 minutes by commuter train or by bus or taxi. The bus and taxi services are always available while the commuter train is available twice in an hour.

Tylösand Of Sweden

This is the last and the most happening sandy beach in Sweden which is always crowded with tourists of Sweden and also the foreigners. Be it winter or summer, the climate is almost pleasant throughout the year. A perfect place to spend your lazy vacation days with friends and loved ones. Evening parties, campfire, fun dance with romantic music, and drinks are just fit for the Tylösand Beach. Pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels all are available in Tylösand at reasonable rates. This beach gives a new definition of enjoyment in beautiful Sweden.

Dalhalla in Dalarna, Central Sweden

The magical former limestone quarry which has been transformed into a musical amphitheater nowadays is one of the most amazing places in Sweden. The world-famous musical bands, opera, jazz, rock bands come here every summer and conduct around 20 to 30 musical events until mid-September. The seating capacity is around 4000 where you can explore the waterfall amidst the musical concert and experience an enigmatic atmosphere altogether. The tourism of Sweden organizes many tours while tourists around the world come here and enjoy this fantastic outdoor during the summer. A wild enjoyment amidst the gentle atmosphere makes it astoundingly enchanting.

Kosterhavet National Park

Want to see the pack of seals playing and lying lazily on the seashores? Then come to Kosterhavet National Park, the first marine National Park in Sweden. This place is blended with the sea and beaches around the Koster Islands where millions of explorers visit, mainly in the summer to experience the coral reefs wide along the coastal regions of Sweden. Here you can observe the coastal borders of Northern Sweden and Norway. There are more than 6000 species of aquatic plants and animals found in this coastal area out of which many are unexplored and available only within this wilderness. The place is also famous for rafting, kayaking, and paragliding- also the attractive outdoor activities for the tourists.

Marstrand, West Coast Sweden

The west coastal Swedish region is famous for this fortress city, Marstrand. Beautiful forts, small cottages, happening hangout places, eateries, restaurants to enjoy the seafood have made Marstrand one of the most lovely and adorable places in Sweden. The pleasant atmosphere, cozy climate, cheap hotels and restaurants, friendly people are the catchy items to enjoy in Marstrand. Whenever you are in Marstrand, don’t miss the amazing boat rides and beach volleyball.

The Lake Siljan

The Lake Siljan in Dalarna is famous for its picturesque view and world-famous musical concerts during the summer. People across the world come here to explore the music shows and eternal jazz, especially in the Music Vid Siljan, the famous weekly musical events happening every summer in the Lake Siljan.

Statsgården Stockholm Cruise Port

The cruise port for Stockholm is famous for the boat and ferry transport. It connects many famous tourist spots of Sweden and the place is covered with the sea and beaches, with numerous tourists gathering who want to visit this busy port for traveling and business purposes. One of the cheapest transportation that is available here in entire Sweden, making conveyance easy for the travel buffs. The ferry services are one of the famous Stockholm public transportation that connects Stockholm with the other peers of Sweden. Also, when you are planning to visit this wonderful tourist destination, try visiting Stockholm in December to enjoy the madness of amusement and fabulous night parties during the entire winter, especially during the Christmas and New Year seasons. Altogether, a perfect place to travel, explore and learn can surely be in the bucket list.


The list will be incomplete if the enchanting Uppsala is unmentioned. The greatest collection of ancient missionary idols and the finest Scandinavian architecture are one of the main attractions of Sweden. Millions of explorers come to Sweden just to visit this great mansion of education and its heavenly beauty. The Fyris River and the Medieval River add the cherry on top. It will be sure to miss if you visit Sweden and don’t take your direction towards this beautiful heart-melting megalopolis.


as you visit Sweden, you will be welcomed by the local Swedish people in a grand way as Swedish citizens are renowned for their friendliness across the globe. People here speak English fluently, which is quite surprising. And the most surprising thing is that they are one of the best speakers of English(The second best English Speakers as a non-native language). So, if you know only English, you won’t face any kind of issues traveling around entire Sweden.

The friendly local people will also guide you in finding the best hotels at the most reasonable pricing. You will also find the most delicious seafood in the street food joints, while the luxurious restaurants will serve the best continental dishes. The transportation cost in Sweden is quite moderate while the hotel rooms are relatively cheaper than the other parts of Europe. Counting all the pros and cons, to conclude, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world to visit, explore, and learn thousands of new things. Altogether, a dream country to travel around and spend the vacations at a pocket-friendly budget. The catch is, you get the most fascinating holiday spots to get lost!

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