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30 Amazing Things Sweden Gave To The World




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Though the population of Sweden is only about 9 million, still the country has provided more than the expected number of gifts to the world. When it comes to innovation, Sweden has a big number of creative minds and innovators.

Most of the popular elements which you generally use a lot have been created by Sweden. Not just the clothing brand or high-quality vodkas, Swedish innovation also provides you daily using substances which have become a great part of your life. Here you will know about the 30 Swedish Innovation which can really amaze you.

1. Celsius Temperature Scale

Basically, Anders Celsius developed the Celsius temperature scale. This is one of the biggest contributions of Sweden to the world. Anders Celsius also has a great contribution to the field of astronomy and planetary objects. Later on, the scientist developed a thermometer that can measure between 100 degrees (between freezing and boiling point of water).

2. Music

You must be wondering why I have included Music on this list. Well, the reason is that Sweden holds third place in terms of music exporter; the United States and the United Kingdom holding the first and second place. If you ever listen to Ace of Base, Eric Prydz, and Avicii, then all these are from Sweden.

3. Zipper

The zipper has been a vital and common part of our backpacks, and multiple elements. It is one of the simplest and brilliant Swedish innovations. Gideon Sundback was the person behind the concept of the zipper. One of the interesting parts is that the zipper concept has hit almost every textile industry on Earth.


4. Propeller

Sweden gifted one of the biggest invention which allows people to travel. Swedish inventor John Ericsson has actually designed the propeller for ships in the year 1836. The Yankee Battleship Monitor was developed by Ericsson which allowed the North Clinch for a victory over South Clinch.

5. Coco-Cola Bottle

Is there anyone who says that they have never seen the bottle of Coco-Cola? You will hardly find people unaware of the name of coco-cola. Generally, it is one of the biggest brands all over the world. John Pemberton was the founder of Coco-Cola, but the unique bottle of coco-cola comes under Swedish design. It was designed by Swede Alexander Samuelsson.

6. Pacemaker

Placemaker has helped millions of people for survival. In the year 1958, Rune Elmqvist has developed this equipment. Generally, the equipment is placed inside a person’s body in order to regulate an irregular heartbeat. Generally, emitting electrical pulses help to ensure proper muscle contraction.

7. Dynamite

One of the most powerful weapons which have allowed multiple leaders to hold an immense power after having this equipment. Alfred Nobel invented the dynamite in the year 1866. He also gave a great contribution to Nobel Prizes.

8. Computer Mouse

One of the biggest invention which brought a drastic change in the development of human civilization is the computer mouse. Hakan Lans invented the computer mouse. Even the computer graphics which is used by every computer manufacturer was invented by Hakan Lans.

9. Space Cameras

Which was the first country to step on the moon? Well, we all know that it is America, but do you know that it would have been impossible for the people on Earth to witness the whole scene without the space cameras. It was the contribution of Sweden which allowed us to watch the whole scenario from Earth.

It was a single-lens camera that was actually developed for the Swedish air force by Victor Hasselblad. Later on, the camera was taken by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to capture the surface of the moon.

10. Ultrasound

Swedish physician Inge Elder along with Carl Hellmuth Herts who was an Austrian researcher developed the first ultrasound during the 1970s. Generally, in the present era, it is widely used for the examination of the human heart along with other internal organs.

11. Milking Machine

This was considered to be one of the inventions that helped people in their day to day life. This equipment helped industries in a great manner to milk the cow. Gustaf de Laval invented the milking machine in the year 1896. Later on, he developed a device to separate cream from the milk.

12. Adjustable Wrench

For me, the adjustable wrench has been a piece of great equipment. Generally, it helped to get out of the trouble of choosing wrench with multiple sizes. Johan Peter Johansson developed the adjustable wrench which is also known as the Swedish key in the year 1891.

13. Gamma Knife

Sweden has gifted one of the most revolutionary medical inventions to the world. Generally, gamma rays are used to deal with cancer and brain tumors. Gamma Knife was invented by Professors Lars Leskell and Borge Larrson.

14. Skype

No matter how many video call application is being developed, Skype has its own fan base. The backend of Skype was developed by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom. Later on, it was sold to Microsoft in the year 2011 for $8.5 billion.

15. Three-Point Seatbelt

Almost every vehicle on the planet follows the Swedish innovation. The seatbelt is designed in such a way where the energy gets equally distributed during any accident. Basically, it is one of the best inventions which was invented by Nils Bohlin.

16. Safety Match

Though the original idea of Matches was not of Sweden, it actually has added a great improvement compared to the earlier matches. The earlier matches have phosphorus in the head of the matches, which could actually burn the user.

Generally, the Swedish innovator Gustaf Erik Pasch upgraded the matches making it much more safe for the people. Basically, Pasch shifted phosphorus on the side of the matchbox. Also, the yellow phosphorous (poisonous) was replaced with red phosphorus (non-toxic).

17. Bottle Return Machine

This is one of the widely used machines over the US. Basically, the user gets a certain money after putting used bottles and containers in the machine. Wincanders was the one who developed the first working model of this machine.

18. Mecanum Wheel

Mecanum Wheel is a kind of wheel that can be moved in any direction. In the year 1973, Swede Bengt Ilon invented the Mecanum Wheel. Mecanum wheel has been a great element for wheelchairs and Navy ships.

19. Tetrapak

Tetrapak is one of the most widely used elements all over the world. In the year 1946, Erik Wallenberg invented the most popular element. It was a great concept of making cartons out of paper. Swede Ruben Rausing soon made this invention commercial.

20. Telephone Handset

Though mobile phones have taken the present era; there was a time when the telephone was widely popular. Telephones generally use to have two ports(microphone and speaker). The user has to hold one port in front of the mouth to speak while the other port in the ear to listen over the voice.

In the year 1876, a famous Swedish telecommunications company named Ericsson founded by Lara Magnus Ericsson developed a telephone handset that has both speaker and microphone on a single element.

21. AIS – Automatic Identification System

AIS (Automatic Identification System) which was invented by Hakan Lans has been a great Swedish innovation. It is generally used for air and sea traffic control and to avoid collisions.

22. Prilosec

Astra Zeneca developed the Swedish ulcer medication which was widely used for the treatment of acid flux. During the 1990s it was one of the best selling drugs all over the world.

23. IKEA

You will find it really hard to find people unaware of IKEA. IKEA is generally a Swedish company that sells ready to assemble furniture and many other goods. The company has attained a huge popularity and a really good reputation even in the present era.

24. The System of Nature

People who are into plants, minerals, and animals must have heard about Carl Linnaeus. Carl Linnaeus is the person who gathered all the information and stored it for the people to gather the information. The specifications of Carl Linnaeus has been used for more than 200 years.

25. Bicycle Airbag

Bicycle riding has always been a vital part of the culture of Sweden. Therefore, the country has always thought about the safety of the riders. The company Hovding developed a helmet for the riders. The tiny helmet looks more likely as a trendy scarf rather than a helmet.

26. Uniti

Though the concept has not been officially launched; it is expected that Uniti will be officially launched very soon in the upcoming years. Generally, Uniti Sweden is a Swedish Automotive Company which is working to launch Uniti.

Uniti is basically an electrical vehicle that has some awesome specifications. A great amount has already been invested in the prototype. A big number of companies are waiting for the final model.

27. The Karma App

It is great idea developed by Swedish minds. Basically, the app allows restaurants and multiple industries to sell the extra food to the customers at a bit lower price. Basically, this app has helped a great amount of food to go into waste.

28. Swedish Universities

While talking about the Swedish Universities, a great number of universities allows free education. While the other university fees are really less than compared to that of the US. Opting for Swedish Universities can be the best decision for your career.

29. H&M

One of the biggest brands of the world is H&M (Hennes and Mauritz AB). H&M is a Swedish Fashion Company founded in the year 1947. It states that Sweden attains a really good rank in terms of fashion as well.

30. Spotify

Have you heard about the music app Spotify? Well, one of the most popular music app named Spotify was founded in Sweden in the year 2006.


Sweden has always proved to be one of the trendiest countries. Whether it be fashion, education, or any creative ideas. The people of Sweden have never failed to take their country to such a higher level.

The above-mentioned list is just a few names that Sweden has gifted to the world. Well, even you can tell us what other elements have been developed by Sweden.

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