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Top 15 Things You Do To Get Started In Sweden




15 things you do to get started in Sweden

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Sweden can be a great place for you to visit. Not only it is a wonderful place but also the people of Sweden are great people to communicate with. So you must have packed your bags and must be really excited to explore Sweden. But do you know there is some really important task which you need to execute while you are in Sweden?

Most people get confused when they land in a new country. Therefore, to remove the confusion, I have prepared a list of 15 important tasks that you need to carry out once you step in Sweden.

1. Getting Visa

This is one of the most vital things which you need to do before any other thing. Make sure you have a proper visa along with the purpose of your visit to Sweden.

2. Get your Personnummer and Swedish ID card

Make sure you have a proper identity when you are in Sweden. You definitely don’t wish to get into any trouble and you definitely would like to have your valid identity.

You need to visit the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and then you will be provided with your Swedish Identification Number (Personnummer) and Swedish ID Card.

3. Swedish Bank Account

While you visit Sweden, one of the most vital elements is Sweden’s currency. Basically, Sweden’s currency will be the most vital element which you will be requiring once you land on the surface of Sweden. Swedish krona is the currency of Sweden.

Basically, one of the most effective methods to handle the Swedish krona is by opening a Swedish bank account. You just need to provide your personal details and your photographs and you can easily open your Swedish bank account.

4. Register for Housing

Though finding a house in Sweden is a bit hard. Generally, you can consider yourself a lucky person if you get student accommodation. Generally, the first thing you need to do is that you need to register yourself at central housing services.

Though getting the services of housing in Sweden can be a bit tough but trust me, it will be a great experience. You will really enjoy the journey of finding Sweden housing. You can also play the lottery which is provided for the students. If you win the lottery then you get a chance to get an apartment. You need to be really lucky for the lottery.

5. Enrolling in Swedish language Course

Though you can survive speaking English in Sweden. But when you get the knowledge of the Swedish language you will really have great exposure and also you can build a better connection with the people.

6. Sweden Culture

Once you visit Sweden, there might be chances that you would like to visit popular places, clubs, and restaurants. But if you ever spend time to be with the people of Sweden then you can actually understand the Sweden Culture.

Sweden Culture has built a great nature in the people of Sweden. People of Sweden listen properly to the speaker and they will mostly reply in the most humble manner. These attributes of the people of Sweden show Sweden Culture has really been a great element in Sweden.

7. Sweden Hospital

One of the biggest fears of most travellers is of getting sick. If you get sick in Sweden, then you simply need to make a call on 1177, you will be guided with all the medicines and also if you want to visit the Sweden hospital then you can easily book an appointment with a doctor by calling at 1177.

Sweden hospitals are really great places in terms of treatment. The hospitals make sure that the patients are handled in the best possible way. Also, the medicines are not too high in Sweden.

8. Go, Ghost Hunting

If you ever get bored in the capital of Sweden, then you can go for the tour of ghost hunting. It is one of the best ways to know about the history of the country, also you will get the information about multiple murders and disasters that have been held in Sweden.

9. Swedish Universities

Swedish Universities can be a great place for you to get your degree since multiple universities offer free education. Other Swedish universities charge really low for education while compared to that of the US.

Having the University Student ID Card is a vital part in order to feel the vibe of being a part of a new university and country. All you need is to go to the university service center and provide your documents and a perfect photograph. Make sure you also get the membership sticker to get great discounts on multiple college events.

10. Get yourself an Insurance

Once you register yourself with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, you are eligible for multiple benefits such as child allowances, basic healthcare, parental benefits, disability coverage, and various other benefits.

11. Finding a job

If you are not someone who has came to Sweden with a job in your hand then you really need to start from scratch. Basically you can sit for multiple interviews to get yourself a proper job. Basically, the amount which you will receive will generally be high because of the higher expense for living in Sweden.

12. Get a Swedish driving license

Though you will get numerous public vehicles to travel from one place to another. if your job requires you to have a driving license then it might be a bad idea to wait for the joining letter just because you need to have a driving license first. Basically, it better to already have a driving license even before you sit for any job interviews.

Basically, you need to submit the application along with the required details and then you need to pay a certain amount of tax. Then you need to clear your theory and practical paper after which you need to schedule your driving test through the Swedish Transport Administration.

13. Pay taxes

One of the vital parts which you keep you out of any trouble is to pay all the taxes to the government. Basically, the tax responsibility is carried out by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Generally, the tax deductions won’t be any hectic task for you. Generally, a certain amount is directly deducted from your salary.

14. Make sure you carry at least the softcopy of documents.

You basically don’t want to get stuck in any trouble just because you don’t have a document with you. Well, if you are someone who gets a bit scared while carrying all the original documents, then you can at least carry the scanned copy in your mobile devices.

15. Understand the locality

You definitely don’t want to settle in a street where your neighbours are of Mafias. Though Sweden is a really safe country, no matter how safe a country is, there is always a group of bad people in every place. Just make sure that you don’t end up being in a group of bad people.


Life in Sweden can really be awesome. You get a great experience and also you can be really connected with nature. Along with the beauty of nature, Sweden also holds multiple contributions to the world. Not only in beauty, but this country has also provided a great number of valuable information and elements to the world.

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