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Authorities to deal with after you land in Sweden




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Sweden can be a great place for you to start your new career or a new life. Basically, you will find a great environment along with some really good career opportunities. Also, you will interact with people who have a really beautiful heart and are always kind to others.

So once you land in Sweden, you must generally start wondering the things that you need to take care of. The initial time is a bit tough since you will not be familiar with the authorities and the protocols of the country. So what if you already have a bit of knowledge regarding the authorities even before you land in Sweden? Do you think it will be helpful?

Authorities to deal with after you land in Sweden.

Well, if you believe and feel that your answer is “YES”, then this is the best article from where you can have all the ideas regarding the authorities in Sweden. Also, for those who think that even if they don’t know about the authorities but still they will survive. Well, it is not whether you can survive or not, but the idea is to make you aware in order to properly settle down in Sweden.

The following is the list of authorities that you need to contact in order to deal with various issues.


The authority which deals with the tax and the population register is the Skatteverket. You will be continuously in touch with Skatteverket, in order to do your registration, make your Swedish ID card, and also for paying taxes.

Transportstyrelsen and Trafikverket

Transportstyrelsen and Trafikverket are the ones who take care of any issues regarding transport and traffic rules in Sweden. Whether you need a Swedish driving license or whether you need any support regarding and transport-related stuff, then these are the authorities which you need to access. These are also taken as the official Swedish Transport Agency.


Försäkringskassan is the official authority that takes care of the Swedish social insurance. It makes sure that you get all the benefits for which you are eligible. Basically, the social benefits for almost every single individual present in Sweden.


Generally, this authority is related to migration. Whether you want to visit Sweden, settle down in Sweden, or want to be a Sweden citizen, Migrationsverket is the authority that you need to access. Migrationsverket also helps you regarding any compensation and certain new arrivals.


This authority is responsible for the Public Employment Service. Basically, regarding any public services or any public employment service, Arbetsförmedlingen will the authority regarding your queries.


Education is a vital part of every country. Even when we talk about Sweden, the education system is really good and a disciplined authority is established in order to deal with the education elements in Sweden. Solverket handles with the education-related elements. It not only offers English language guide in schools but it can also help outsiders if they wish to be a teacher in Sweden.


Jordbruksverket is the authority that deals with agricultural as well as the horticultural elements. If any individual has to desire to bring their pet in the country then they have to deal with the Jordbruksverket.

Tullverket (Swedish customs)

Whether you have an industry or you have a business. If you want to export or import your goods then Tullverket is the authority which will give you all the official documents. Generally, it deals with the import or the export of goods.

Kommunerna (Local municipality)

This authority mostly holds a bit complex task. It mostly deals with adult education, SFI teaching, social orientation, along with taking the responsibility for the housing of the new people in Sweden. They also deal with practical assistance for the newly settled people in Sweden.

Mostly it is like a municipality that takes care of the Swedish Teaching, adult education, social orientation, support in education, along with financial and housing support.


It is the authority which deals with the task of representing the government in the country. The task of this authority is to supervise and look over other authorities. Länsstyrelserna also makes sure that all the authorities follow the rules and obey the protocols of the country.


Basically, this is the authority which deals with the healthcare of the people of Sweden. No matter which country you belong to, if you are there in Sweden then this is the official department that will be there regarding any healthcare issues. Mostly, it is the authority that holds the ultimate decision regarding Swedish health care elements.

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